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Women and Reproductive Health Initiative (WARHI) - Supporting Access for Family Planning and Post Abortion Care Services in Emergencies (SAF-PAC II)

Build the capacity of the service providers on modern techniques of FP and PAC services and desperate needs addressing maternal health including post abortion care (PAC) and safe abortion care (SAC) within the legally, socially and culturally acceptable framework. Reduced maternal morbidity and mortality by improving access to family planning and PAC services in flood affected populations in South Punjab


  • Increase the number of FP users, with a focus on long-acting methods
  • Increase the percentage of post-partum women who use a method of family planning, with a focus on long-acting methods, especially IUDs
  • To ensure all women who come to the health facility with complications of abortion receive PAC
  • Increase the use of family-planning among PAC clients, with a focus on long-acting methods
  • Build national capacity to train providers in FP and PAC
  • Ensure all facilities have appropriate supplies, medicines and equipment and establish a well-functioning supply system to do so
  • Increase the performance of individuals and facilities, including use of data for decision-making


  • Provided equipment in 28 health facilities
  • Capacity building trainings given to doctors and premedical staff
  • Improved service provision with coordination and support of government systems and services
  • Increased use and quality of RH services through an effective continuum of services from the community to the first level facility to the referral hospital, as well as effective integration of services across the continuum of care for women.
  • Provision of accurate information about RH services through trained community outreach workers, given information to help identify danger signs and seek prompt medical assistance for complications associated with pregnancy, clinical management for post abortion/ miscarriage.

Time frame: Jan 2013 to Dec 2015

Location: Districts Muzaffargarh and Multan, Punjab

Donor: Anonymous

Budget: 3,170,750.92 (USD)

Cost: 3,156,832 (USD)

Implementing Partner: Ministry of Health (MoH) Government of Pakistan (GoP) and Awaz-CDS

Beneficiaries: Direct: 650,000 Indirect: 3 million