CARE International in Pakistan
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Women & Reproductive Health Initiative (WARHI) - Supporting Access for Family Planning & Post Abortion Care Services (SAF-PAC III)

In Pakistan, CARE intends to identify, train, coach and equip health facilities who appear to offer the majority of FP and PAC services in South Punjab (District Muzaffargarh and Multan, Punjab).  The efforts will continue to ease the pervasive stigma surrounding PAC and SAC, which is legal for “necessary treatment” in the first trimester. The initiative will support FP/PAC service delivery in 36 health facilities. 


  • Increase the number of modern FP users, with a focus on long-acting methods
  • To ensure all women who come to the health facility with complications of abortion receive PAC
  • To reduce barriers to provision of abortion as necessary treatment (in the first trimester) by facilitating discourse on the policy and demand side context related to abortion services
  • Build national capacity to train providers in FP and PAC
  • Ensure all facilities have appropriate supplies, medicines and equipment and establish a well-functioning supply system to do so
  • Increase the performance of individuals and facilities, including use of data for decision-making


  • Strengthened skills of providers through training, follow-up and supportive supervision
  • Strengthened provider attitudes and understanding of the benefits and advantages of family planning with a focus on long-acting methods and a specific focus on the benefits of IUDs
  • Increased knowledge, awareness, demand and a supportive environment for family planning use
  • Increased the percentage of post-partum women who use a method of family planning, with a focus on long-acting methods, especially IUDs (* we are using the 48 hour postpartum time frame for providing IUD services to women who have just delivered.)
  • Continued to strengthen capacity of Provincial and district level MOH to coordinate RH partners and the capacity building system for healthcare providers.
  • Individual provider performance was monitored and supported
  • Strengthened quality of data and use of data for decision-making at facility, management and community levels

Time Frame: January 2016 to December 2018

Location: District Muzaffargarh and Multan, Punjab

Funded By: Anonymous

Budget: 3,394,202 (USD)

Cost so far: 80,400 (USD)

Beneficiaries: 58000