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Psycho-social emergency support to the flood affected childern of Khyber Pakhtoonkwa (KPK) (BMW- PK 095)

The unprecedented flood in Pakistan in July and August 2010 has caused severe damage across the country. According to official estimates, over 18 million people have been affected and hundreds of thousands have been made homeless. Schools, infrastructure and services have been destroyed. Re-lief and rescue operations have commenced by the govern-ment, United Nations, as well as INGOs and NGOs, however, reports from the ground confirm that people, especially women and children are under severe psychosocial distress and families are unable to help themselves. Community support mecha-nisms have been weakened as there are severe shortages in shelter, food, health facilities, safe drinking water, and sanita-tion services. Moreover a common observation is that affected people feel insecure, desperate and depressed with many in trauma.


Vulnerable and marginalized groups, including women and es-pecially children, in the affected area are able to reduce psycho-social stress and return to normalcy.


The well-being of vulnerable and marginalized groups, especial-ly children and women, is restored and are able to rebuild their lives.