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PPA-Private Sector Alternate Energy Rural Retail Sales Agent Network

Based on the current trends of uptake of Alternate Energy Product (solar lamp) in an existing project of Care Pakistan, this project carried out pilot testing of creation of an entire network of small commission based sales agents (focus of women entrepreneurs). Considering future sales, introduction of new alternate energy products, and expanding geographical penetration of the market, a concerted effort was done to create awareness and carry out subsequent training of sales agents after-sale service. The aim was to create and increase the income potential of marginalized rural community members.


  • Strengthening and inclusion of the rural community through linkage with the urban market players
  • Improved income generation avenues of the marginalized community
  • Level of awareness created through skill development and introduction of a product(s) which adds value to rural community
  • More opportunities for financial inclusion, empowerment and social change in a sustainable, viable manner
  • A replicable model with potential for further growth


  • Incremental increase in micro-entrepreneurship businesses (inclusive of marginalized women) supported with sales & services workforce development
  • Improved income generation avenues for the marginalized community
  • Increased Awareness among targeted community about Product

Time frame: Nov-15 to Mar-16

Location: District Thatta, Mir Purkhas, Sajawal and Badeen, Sindh

Donor: EEF, Department for International Development (DIFD) – through CARE International UK

Budget: GBP 30,000

Cost: 27,165 (GBP)

Implementing Partner: Eco Energy Finance, REON

Beneficiaries: 100