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Pakistan JOBS

USAID Pakistan JOBS was especially targeted at economically distressed communities and focused on the skills and occupations that can attract and retain women in the workforce, along with other beneficiaries. The project had four components: industry sector-led technical training; employability and entrepreneurship skills training for educated youth; integrated work and learning programs for less educated youth; and youth employment exchange systems and other system-wide improvements. JOBS facilitated the entry of young adults into the labor market through upgrading of labor market information and establishment of career development centers in the four provinces of the country, as well as the federal capital.


  • Conduct industry-led technical training
  • Conduct employability and entrepreneurship skills training for educated youth
  • Conduct integrated work and learning programs for the less educated
  • Establish youth employment exchange systems and effect other system-wide improvements
  • Improve Pakistan’s enabling environment for increased, equitable economic growth by strengthening its urban workforce development systems


  • Training provided to 13,232 persons in skills demanded by the job market;
  • Confirmed jobs secured by 6,606 beneficiaries, with the number rising;
  • Successful mechanism demonstrated for localized workforce development (through 36 implementing partners, including 22 training providers and 14 Career Development Centre (CDC) partners;
  • Business Training Network(BTN) model tested and rolled out, linking the large supply of potential workers with the specific demands of employers;
  • Fifteen CDCs established within 14 separate institutions in KP, Punjab, Sindh and Islamabad;
  • Twenty-seven booklets concerning training curricula for 40 disciplines produced and distributed;
  • Agenda of enhancing women’s participation in the workforce advanced through specialized curricula, targeting of women employment-friendly industries, and identification of constraints and response actions;
  • Generation of a high volume of positive publicity through 15 large events and 35 seminars/workshops;
  • Development and rolling out of a workforce media campaign to encourage and motivate young women and men to take pride in their work and enhance their employability skills
  • Special response to the crisis of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Swat through seven training courses in driving, secretarial services, area guides and teachers targeted at IDPs from the neighboring district, Buner.

Time frame: May 2009 to December 2010

Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, South Punjab and Sindh

Donor:  USAID through CARE USA

Budget: USD 80,000,000

Cost: USD 11,277,077

Implementing Partner:

  • All Pakistan Compressed Natural Gas Association (APCNG)
  • Attitude Skill Knowledge Development (ASK)
  • Community Awareness Raising and Advocacy Ventures Around Needs(CARAVAN)
  • Carpet Training Institute(CTI)
  • DEANs Group(Construction Company)
  • Environment Protection Society(EPS)
  • Farmers Development Organization (FDO)
  • Hybrid
  • Hujra
  • Human Resource Development Network(HRDN)
  • Initiative for Development and Empowerment Axis(IDEA)
  • Leadership for Environment and Development(LEAD)
  • Pakistan Readymade Garment Technical Training Institute (PRIGTTI)
  • Pakistan Stone Development Company (PASDEC)
  • Swedish Institute of Technology(SIT)
  • Society for Skills Development and Training (SSTD)
  • TechAccess
  • Trust for the Conservation of Coastal Resources (TCCR)
  • Various Universities and TEVTA s
  • Xavor Corporation
  • Yasin Akram Associates (YAA)

Beneficiaries: 13, 324