CARE International in Pakistan
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Institutionalization of Disaster Risk Management in FATA

CARE International in Pakistan focuses to strengthen the role of Federal Disaster Management Authority, its institutional capacity and effective functioning in Disaster Risk Reducation and Disaster Risk Management. The project focuses on mainly three specific areas

  • Strengthening State Institutions: CARE works with the FDMA to develop a DRR roadmap for FATA
  • Strengthening Civil Society Organizations, Forums and Networks: CARE International in Pakistan coordinates with the national and provincial DRR Forums, NHN, NCWS, Gender Humanitarian Task Force and UN agencies to work towards improving resilience initiatives at institutional and community level.
  • Bridging Government and Communities Gap: CARE International in Pakistan bridges the gap between communities and government representatives by providing them a platform to share their inputs on resilience planning.


  • Enhances the capacity of FDMA in disaster prevention, mitigation, preparedness and response and implement it in their policies and programs
  • Enhances the resilience of FATA communities towards disasters through integration of disaster risk reduction in the recovery and developmental projects













Timeframe: June 2017-November 2018

Location: Federally Administerd Tribal Areas

Funded by: Swiss Agency for Development and Coroporation