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Infrastructure Support and Professional Improvement to Revitalize Education (INSPIRE)

Infrastructure Support and Professional Improvement to Revitalize Education was implemented in the conflict and flood affected district of Swat, to build peace and preparedness through restoring education services, youth development & social cohesion. The intent was to revitalize the education system of 42 government schools, strengthening the capacity of school management systems for 42 parent-teacher councils (PTCs), improving enrollment and the quality of learning for 5,600 students through teacher training; and increasing social cohesion through youth development among 42 schools and 4,200 households.


  • Improve or renovate 42 permanent schools;
  • Train and engage 42 school communities Parents Teachers Associations (PTAs) trained and engaged in renovation, repair, or reconstruction of schools and school management;
  • Promote hygiene and sanitation awareness activities in 40 schools;
  • Rebuild two secondary schools that were completely destroyed by militants and/or floods;
  • Support schools by providing them furniture, books and essential equipment;
  • Apply Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) standards both in renovation works and in educational programs;
  • Train 280 teachers for improved teaching and increased enrollment;
  • Conduct recreational activities in all target schools;
  • Hold district-wise competitions to foster community interaction and social cohesion; and
  • Improve local understanding of the relationship between natural resource use and disaster risk, including the areas exposed to flood risk and the average return periods of inundation.


  • Two fully damaged schools are reconstructed and school supplies/equipment is provided. Reconstruction of two schools and provision of missing school supplies (furniture equipment etc.) to two reconstructed schools.
  • Floods & conflict affected partially damaged project schools are repaired / renovated. Minor repair & renovation of including WASH facilities in project schools on need basis and installation of plaque/branding
  • PTCs of 42 schools actively involved in school improvement, advocacy and community mobilization for hygiene DRR promotion, and social cohesion. Refresher of 42 PTCs on roles & responsibilities, SIPs etc. Meetings of PTCs on regular basis. Participation of PTCs in sessions on hygiene, personal safety and peace building and sports at school level
  • Platform established for identification and sharing of local schools’ needs with district government officials. Establish PTC forum and develop TORs. Capacity building of PTC forums as per TORs and Planning. PTC forum regular meetings for preparing recommendations for local school needs. Regular meetings of PTC forums with District Education Department
  • 280 school teachers/head teachers are trained and peer learning mechanism established. 
  • Organized refresher training of 280 teacher/head teachers of 42 project schools. Scale-up peer learning support mechanism in project and non-project schools
  • Increased student learning and awareness through Sessions/activities on Hygiene, personal safety/DRR in 42 schools. Evaluation of students (sample bases) on hygiene and personal safety/DRR. Student learning assessment and Parents Satisfaction survey on school performance
  • Regular recreational and competitive activities in all target schools suitable at each grade level. School based recreational and sports activities in 42 project schools. Partial support initiatives to repair playground, child friendly spaces and others
  • Youth forum engaged in awareness on education, hygiene and DRR, and social cohesion activities held at school and community level
  • District wide sports competition held to foster community interaction and social cohesion

Time Frame: January 2011 to December 2013

Location: District Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Donor: ROTA – QF

Budget: USD 1,499,298

Cost: USD 1,499,298

Implementing Partner: Initiative for Development and Empowerment Axis (IDEA)

Beneficiaries: Direct 17000 and Indirect 30, 000