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Gender Sensitive Disaster Preparedness (GSDP)

This project is directed towards Increased gender equality and gender mainstreaming in disaster response that empowers women. Moreover, strengthening institutional capacity in Pakistan for gender sensitive DRR, and disaster preparedness and response at provincial and district level is the main goal of the project. 


To increase communities’ resilience against disasters through CBDRM, small-scale mitigation measures and early warning - (DRR)
To facilitate preparation and /or ope rationalization of district disaster management plans, mainstreaming DRR and contingency planning for 2013 Monsoon
To network with district authorities and strengthen the capacity of local civil society organizations to prepare for well-coordinated disaster response as per international standards.


  • ?120 individuals (04 DMC) from the target UC trained in disaster preparedness, mitigation and management 
  •  Development of Hazards Map at union council level
  • 15 local NGOs trained on Disaster preparedness and response
  • 04 Disaster risk reduction plans developed
  • Review of District Contingency plan and submission to PDMA and incorporation of gender sensitive DRR in all district level development plan
  • Strengthening of DDMA and linkages development with concerned stakeholders.
  • Development of gender sensitive emergency preparedness plan/CP and reshaping the policy as per based on gender sensitivity.
  • Training of 20 project staff on gender sensitive disaster response.
  • Mainstreaming gender sensitive response in current and upcoming organization’s projects


Timeframe: 15 Apr 13 - 14 Jan 14

Location:District Rajanpur, Tehsil Rajanpur, Union Council Jahan Pur

Budget:2958177 PKR

Beneficaries: 36,000