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Enhancing Education Quality, Access and Learning (EQUAL)

‘Enhancing Education Quality, Access and Learning (EQUAL)’ was a two year project which was implemented as a significant part of Care International in Pakistan’s transition strategy from earthquake reconstruction programs to long term development. The project covered 20 primary government schools (10 boys and 10 girls) in six union councils (UCs) of the earth quake affected district Abbottabad, KPK. The aim was to strengthen the education system by initiating a holistic learning process for communities, especially women and girls as well as to empower them to address education-related issues, particularly at community-owned schools. Parent Teachers Councils (PTCs), parents groups and volunteer groups were mobilized for this purpose. The targeted communities helped government line departments better understand the ground realities of community education.


  • Conduct Social Mobilization to empower communities to participate effectively in decision-making processes related to education
  • Empower local communities, especially women and girls, to address issues related to formal and non-formal education and the governance of schools
  • Enhance the capacity of 20 parent-teacher councils (PTCs) and 20 community groups to contribute towards quality education and participate in school affairs such as infrastructure repairs, security issues and teacher recruitment
  • Enhance linkages and coordination between communities and local government departments


  • 20 Schools improved
  • 20 mother groups, 20 father groups and 20 volunteer groups formed
  • 20 PTCs linked with Education Department and District Reconstruction Unit
  • Capacity of 20 PTCs and 20 community groups enhanced through training for contributing to quality education;
  • Communities empowered through rigorous social mobilization process to participate effectively in education-related decision-making; and
  • Coordination between communities and local government departments enhanced on education quality and access issues.

Time frame: January 2009 to January 2011

Location: UCs Daloia, Boi, Kukmung, Namal, Pattan Kalan, Bakot of Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Donor: JICA

Budget: JPY 33,911,653

Cost: JPY 33,911,653

Implementing Partner: Mountain Institute Education Development (MIED)


Direct 10,000 & Indirect 72006