CARE International in Pakistan
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Early Recovery Support to Flood Affected Communities in Pakistan (CBHA)

The project  facilitate the sustainable return of 112,075 flood affected families to their villages by providing the means for households to rebuild their communities and return to income generating activities.  To reduce people’s dependence on food aid and revitalise local economies the project assist in the rebuilding of homes, provide employment in clearing debris and repairing damaged local infrastructure, and enable the resumption of land cultivation, livestock rearing and small enterprise within communities.  Targeting the most vulnerable households, with a strong focus on ensuring gender parity, the project provide work opportunities, cash grants, materials, tools, seeds, livestock, skills training and technical expertise.


The specific objective of the project is to assist in restoring sustainable livelihoods and supporting economic revitalization for flood affected communities.


 Target households have access to immediate income and means for sustainable return.
 Target households have access to means to preserve existing agricultural assets and resume farming activities.
 Targeted flood-affected men & women resume/start-up non-farm micro and small businesses.