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ECHO Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Risk Reduction (DP/DRR) 2015-16

The flooded rivers in surroundings of Nowshehra and Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, brings great catastrophe during the monsoon season putting the lives, property, agriculture land, health, livestock etc of the inhab-itants in jeopardy. Resultantly most of the residents are forced to displace in search of shelter, food and clean water.Apropos to the above, CARE has conceptualized a Disaster Preparedness Pro-ject through which it is strengthening the capacity of 24 disaster-hit villages and government institutions in Nowshehra and Peshawar in the Khyber Pakh-tunkhwa Province to respond to and cope with future disasters. Communities will become proactive rather than reactive: for example, they will learn how to use early warning systems, how to minimize disaster damage; and react when a disaster hits. Men, women and children will all be targeted with edu-cation and skills in disaster preparedness and response.


To Strengthen the Capacity of government institutions, vulnerable communities in KPK Province for addressing disaster risk in a sustainable manner through inclusive Community-based DRM.’

Specifically the project will focus on

  • Strengthening Capacity of Disaster Management Authorities (all levels) to undertake Risk Assessment and Planning
  • Support the Integration of Disaster Risk Reduction within Annual Development Plans


Government stakeholders in KPK Province are able to roll out, and have institutionalized, an improved and inclusive CBDRM model that is adapted to both rural and urban context;

Enhanced coordination between DRM stakeholders, advocacy and awareness for inclusive and mutually reinforcing CBDRM and SBDRM at all levels in KPK Province (200 beneficiaries from 20 organisations)


Time Frame:2015-2016

Location: District of Nowshera and Peshawar

Funded by: ECHO

Benificaries: 85,000