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Disaster Response Programme (Phase 2)

During the  period February - July 2011 CARE International was implementing a large, multi-sectorial programme addressing the emergency and early recovery needs of the population in Health, WASH, Shelter and livelihoods, with funding from DFID and ECHO. Due to the scale of this programme, and the capacity both internally and in partner organisations, CARE took a strategic decision to begin the start-up of the DEC phase 2 programmes to June 2011, after the end of the large but shorter term emergency programme. This has enabled CARE to utilise DEC funding to focus on the early recovery needs of the population in Dadu, ensuring a complementary approach which builds on the gains that have already been achieved. Selection of partners and identification of priority implementation was prioritized in the period preceding August 2011.


Ensure adequate WASH and public health provision for the flood-affected population


20,000 beneficiaries (primarily women and children) have access to basic primary healthcare.
21,800 beneficiaries have access to adequate clean drinking water (15 litres/hh/day within 500 meters).
16,000 beneficiaries have access to improved sanitation facilities (latrines).