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Disaster Emergency Prepared Program in U.C Fazal Bhanbhro (with JORDAN)

Strengthening institutional capacity of local people in Union Council Fazal Bhanbhro of taluka Jhudo, district Mirpurkhas for gender sensitive Disaster Risks Reduction (DRR) and disaster preparedness and response at gross root level to district level stakeholders.


 To increase communities’ resilience against disasters through CBDRM, small-scale mitigation measures and early warning - (DRR)
 To facilitate preparation and /or operationalization of district disaster management plans, mainstreaming DRR and contingency planning for 1013 Monsoon
To network with district authorities and strengthen the capacity of local civil society organizations to prepare for well-coordinated disaster response as per international standards


  • ?????Establishing communication channels (using local knowledge) to bridge gaps between communities and line agencies, government responsible for gender sensitive Early Warning System (EWS) 
  • Identification of high priority mitigation measures required for risk mitigation using local technology in high risk areas at village and UC Level.
  • Install mitigation measures ensuring community participation (supporting local labor) and resource sharing 
  • Signing MoU with relevant DDMA for developing partnership, building capacity and supporting gender sensitive and effective emergency response 
  • Support and facilitate relevant district officials for convening regular meetings of DDMAs
  •  Advocate for participation of local civil society organizations in DDMA meetings (preferably local National Humanitarian organizations)
  •  Support and facilitate DDMAs for emergency preparedness, coordination and contingency planning. District contingency plans submitted to respective PDMAs
  • Capacity building and promotion of good humanitarian governance practices among DDMAs in the target districts for timely, gender sensitive and impartial disaster response, preparedness, application of Sphere standards and coordination and advocacy with relevant stakeholders for the same 
  • To hold sessions with district government to mainstreaming gender sensitive DRR in district development plans (NDMA/Planning Commission guidelines)
  •  Conduct capacity building of a gender sensitive disaster response (from need assessment to completion of response) and preparedness and DRR within JORDAN
  • Incorporating/ mainstream gender sensitive DRR in all projects/ program both on going and future by the JORDAN
  • Develop JORDAN emergency preparedness plan / contingency plan and put a system to review twice a year
  • JORDAN develops and incorporates gender sensitive accountability and complaint mechanism in their emergency response and DRR work