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In the tiny village of Zarin Abad, a few hours north of Islamabad, a group of women are gathered in a small room, learning dressmaking skills, to help them earn an income. These women lost everything in the floods last year, but they look forward to becoming independent through vocational training.

Razina, 20, gave birth to her baby boy, Omar Zeb, only three days after the floods hit her village. Her entire house was destroyed and she was forced to travel a long distance, with nothing but the clothes on her back, to have her baby in a relative’s home that had survived the flood. “My house completely washed away,” says Razina. “I had to live in a tent with my family and baby, there was nothing here and I was sad. We left our village in the clothes we were wearing.”

IDEA, one of CARE’s partners in KPK (Kyber Pakhtunkhwa), provided Razina’s family with a tent to live in, kitchen set, bed and a small cooking stove. Razina eventually moved back to her village where she heard about vocational training. As Razina explains, “I applied for the training and now I will be able to sew clothes for my family and the people in my village. I am only just beginning my course but when I have finished my three month training I will be able to sell a suit for 50 or 100 Rs (60c - $1.20).”

CARE International has supported women in Nowshera and Swat to attend vocational training to develop skills that will allow them to generate an income and help support their families.