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Married at the age of just 15 years, Nazeeran is now 21 years old and a mother of five. Coming from a traditional and low income family, from a poor neighborhood, she was hardly allowed to leave the home, let alone go to school. Early marriage was a natural and inevitable course of action. After marriage, Nazeeran gave birth every year, almost routinely. Her husband, a driver, works up to 14 hours a day to bring food to the table for his family. With the growing number of mouths to feed, and stagnant and uncertain wages, Nazeeran and her husband couldn’t imgaine sending their 5 children to school.

After attending Seyani Bethak, (Sitting with the Wise), a component of CARE Pakistan’s WARHI project, Nazeeran’s husband told her about birth spacing. With her husband’s encouragement, Nazeeran left her children with her mother in law and visited the Rahnuma Community Health Center. At the Center, friendly staff discussed her history and informed her of her options. As Nazeeran and her husband did not plan on adding to the family, she opted for a permanent solution. After a brief and safe procedure, Nazeeran returned home. Free from unwanted pregnancies, she found employment soon after, and began to contribute to her family’s income. Nazreean and her husband will eventually be able to fulfill dreams of educating their 5 children.